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6 Things to do with kids at home during the lockdown

Cosas que hacer con niños en casa

Today, we will tell you some ideas to do at home with your kids during the lockdown. 


It is very important to keep the communication with our loved ones, but at the same time, it is necessary to disconnect from the news about the coronavirus and focus on the enjoyment of and with our little ones.

Have you ever had as much time to spend as now? We should try, as much as possible, to take advantage of this family time at home! 


1.- Recycle! Be creative, use fabrics, empty bottles, toilet paper rolls, makeup that you do not use, and create! For example, you can take an empty egg box, decorate it and use it to store jewelry or other small objects that you do not know where to put, like these examples from the Geometrías Recortables Blog. Look how pretty this one is!


Caja decorada hecha con una caja de huevos

a stack of flyers on a table


2.- Let’s cook! We know that kids love manipulating and playing with food, so maybe it’s a good time to let it flow and make your own food recipes. You can make cakes, tortillas, pizzas, or even poop! Yeah, you have heard good, we said poop. 


Libro de cocinar caca


And we are lucky to have this cookbook for kids which contains almost everything made in the shape of poop. Every infant loves to talk about pee and feces, right?


Turning turds


Here you can find some great ideas with which we assure you that you are going to have a lot of fun. At the moment it is only in Dutch but its author, Annelie Ansingh, is working on the improved version and in English. Stay tuned!




3.- Plant a seed. We think it is an ideal opportunity for your children to see a plant grow. You could, with some recycled material, for example, a can of preserves, create a small flower pot and decorate it. 

You put a cotton ball with a legume and every day before going to sleep you pour water on it. In this way, every morning they will have a reason to get up with excitement and see how the plant grows. They will love it!


Plantar semillas


4.- Learn a language: If you sometimes feel frustrated because your little ones ask you to put Netflix or YouTube, take advantage and do it in another language. 

Watching TV, listening to music or reading in another language will strongly help you and them to learn it. Ask them afterwards if they have learned a new word or you can also stop at a specific one that you heard and repeat it together.

In addition, you can get Spanish lessons online or stimulate the language if it is your mother tongue. Our professional Amsterdam Tales team can help you with this. Did you know that?


Spanish Lessons


5.- Keep them active! According to the WHO, the World Health Organization, all children between the ages of 5 and 17 should do one hour of physical activity a day. This can be sports, games, or travel. 

Did you know that you can climb Everest or another mountain during the lockdown? Get up, put on some warm clothes, and climb your stairs! Watch the following video of how this family did it and try it yourself. You can put an award on top and you will have guaranteed laughs! You can check the whole video on the following link:

graphical user interface, website


6.- Humor. Run a joke contest. We all like to laugh, right? Ask your little ones to do a little theatrical performance in which the goal is to laugh, you can do it too! 

Tip: wear costumes or old clothes that you have at home and let your imagination fly!