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Amsterdam whith Family enjoy the city together with your kids

Because learning through having fun is our motto!

Let’s enjoy this with the whole family!

Casa de Amsterdam
Bicicleta de Amsterdam
Amsterdam Tales Family Tours con Familia

Strolling through the canals of Amsterdam, you never know the mysteries that will cross your path. Together we will discover and learn about this emblematic city in a different way.

Who said that Amsterdam is only for adults? 

The adventure begins in one of the most charming neighborhoods, the Jordaan. Together we will discover the most beautiful parts of this city through a story full of riddles which we will solve together!

Let’s enjoy this with the whole

Bicicleta de Amsterdam
Casa de Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tales

Amsterdam Tales is a company focused on family tourism. The main idea of our team is that everybody, regardless of age, has access to the culture and entertainment of the city.

A group of teachers and tour guides wondered; is Amsterdam really only for adults? What can families travelling with their children do?

Amsterdam Tales grew from that idea, in response to this need and offering families a wide variety of alternatives so that the holidays in Amsterdam become a fun and relaxed experience, which you will always remember.

Tours + Babysitting

Family tour


Who said that Amsterdam is only for adults?

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Tour Anne Frank


How did the family Frank come to Amsterdam?

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Bike tour


Discover Amsterdam riding a bike

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Time to Relax

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Do you need a few hours without children? Would you like to go out tonight or just have dinner enjoying this incredible city?

We have a BabySitting service 24 hours in your hotel, house, airbnb or boat, with professionals trained and dedicated 100% to the care of the little ones, who will take care that is a fun and close babysitting to the Dutch culture.

We want you to be calm because your children will receive the best care and will always feel loved, as well as enjoying the time he or she spends with us.

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