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Amsterdam Tales Team

a woman smiling for the camera

The Great Aichane Agut

Primary teacher and Foreign Languages specialty. Official tour guide in the Netherlands.

Arrives in Holland from Toledo to spend a year and already lost the track several years ago.

In love with Amsterdam and its history, she is a great communicator who transmits everything she knows about the city in a special and charming way.

a close up of a woman

Super Patricia Andrade

Diploma in Special Education and Speech Therapy, extensive experience in tourism and animation.

From the south of Spain arrives in Amsterdam with one goal: to break the barriers so that all people have access to know the best in this city.

She conveys that with effort and motivation everyone can fulfill and enjoy their dreams.

a woman smiling for the camera

Monica Barrera, the small earthquake

Degree in tourism. She worked for a long time as a child cheerleader.

This energetic woman from Murcia arrives in Amsterdam on vacation after crossing three countries by car and discovers that in the Netherlands she feels at home.

Let yourself be guided by her and you will discover the magic of Amsterdam.

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Spanish-English Guide


Hi, I’m Raquel! I was born in Barcelona and five years ago I came to live in the Netherlands. I studied Early Childhood Education and worked in several schools as a monitor of extracurricular activities and in dining rooms.

In my first year in Holland I lived a beautiful experience. I was an Au Pair of a Dutch family. I lived with them and took care of the two kids. I felt at home! After thirteen months with them, I started the adventure of being a guide in Amsterdam and to this day I still enjoy this city every time I show their stories and places with people from all over the world.

Nice to dedicate myself to what I love: Walking, talking, Amsterdam, and the little ones!

a man wearing a costume

Spanish-English Guide


Hi there guys! My name is Samuel, from a precious little village in southern Spain. It’s been 15 years since I started to pursue my dream: working with children and teenagers. I simply adore their potential and all that they can actually teach us! Being able to help them enjoy and grow.

About me, I have a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Master’s in Spanish Teaching. I have traveled the world gaining experience in the field. Worked in a nursery in Melbourne and two international schools both in London and here in Amsterdam as a teacher. In addition, I have a background in acting and as a swimming coach for early ages.

But, above all, I just love to play, make people laugh, and beef up our children limitless imagination! I would love to meet your family and create memories having fun, while I share with you some of the best of the amazing Amsterdam.  Don’t hesitate and join in!

a man standing on a rocky hill

Italian Guide


Hello everyone, my name is Giuseppe Petrarca, I am 24 years old and I come from the beautiful city of Syracuse.

My passion in showing guests the wonders of this beautiful city was born three years ago, that is, from our first meeting.

I love being with children and having fun, I can show them what are the customs and traditions of a culture different from ours. See you soon!