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Pieten and Petras at your door!

Quick Details

Visit All ages
Visit + 1 Gift All ages
Visit + 2 Gifts All ages
Visit + 3 Gifts All ages
Visit + 4 Gifts All ages

Hello families! Do you already have a special plan for Sinterklaas? We want to propose something to you…

Pieten and Petras at your door!

We would like to help you out! If you live in Amsterdam, a fun group Pieten and Petras could pass by your home with gifts and pepernoten, it’s really easy!

  • Step 1: In case you choose one of the gifts options, choose from the gifts our Pieten and Petras got from our neighbours Gone with the Wind!


  • Step 2: Complete de payment including the name of the gifts and your address.
  • Step 3: Choose the time and we will knock on your door!

Let’s keep the magic of Sinterklaas alive!